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Restoring Bodies. Changing Lives.

Phoenix Breast Reconstruction and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

The national standard for Breast Reconstruction Surgery is in Phoenix.

Our double-board-certified plastic surgeons perform the highest volume of microsurgical breast reconstruction in Arizona. We specialize in autologous reconstruction, including DIEP Flap, PAP Flap, SGAP Flap, Composite Stacked Flaps, as well as fat transfer to the breast.

At our center, we strive to restore women’s breasts while comprehensively improving the breast appearance and feel. Our goal is to help women complete this journey and feel whole again. Whether you desire to heal, preserve, or improve, we will help you find your best at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics.

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Southwest Breast and Aesthetics Patient Journeys

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Kari’s Story

Kari was in her mid-30s when she wanted a breast augmentation. What she discovered was cancer in her milk duct. After nearly 20 years and multiple painful failed reconstructions from other providers, Kari turned to Southwest Breast and Aesthetics for help.


Heather's Story

Heather had never considered breast reconstructive surgery following her breast cancer treatments because she didn’t want breast implants. After meeting with her surgeon at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics, she learned that donor tissue from her own body could help give her back her sense of self naturally.


Sophia's Story

Sophia had dealt with breast cancer before, so when she came to Southwest Breast and Aesthetics, she knew what she wanted. For her, having a breast surgeon who listened to her story was important. Now, you can, too.

you’re more Than a “1-In-8”

Our Phoenix Breast Reconstruction Procedures

Through advanced training, double board-certified surgeons, Dr. Tim Matatov, Dr. Joseph Zakhary, Dr. Matthew Mino understands the unique challenges faced by breast cancer patients seeking reconstructive surgery.

As a national destination center for autologous breast reconstruction Phoenix patients and those traveling to see us will receive personalized care in a warm, friendly environment — because as a survivor, you are so much more than a statistic.

Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler
Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler
Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler
Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler
DIEP Flap PAP Flap Composite Stacked Flap Second Stage Reconstruction Hereditary Breast Reconstruction Nipple Reconstruction implant reconstruction explant surgery
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DIEP Flap Reconstruction Surgery

For patients who want to sculpt their bodies during their surgeries in Phoenix DIEP Breast Reconstruction uses the skin from a tummy tuck to reconstruct the breasts.

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PAP Flap Reconstruction Surgery

PAP reconstruction surgery uses donor tissue from the upper thighs in order to build the reconstructed breasts. This is an excellent choice for patients who may not have enough abdominal tissue to use as a donor site. LTP flap surgeries are similar to PAP flaps, but take their donor tissue from the outer thigh (“saddlebags”) as opposed to the upper thigh.

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Composite Stacked Flap Surgery

Composite stacked flap surgery (also called combined autologous tissue breast reconstruction) is a type of autologous tissue reconstruction that uses multiple flaps to achieve the desired effect. This can include donor tissue from the abdomen, thigh, or hip areas. Our Phoenix breast surgeons can also perform tummy tucks and thigh lifts as part of this procedure for an effect that achieves a full body restoration.

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Second Stage Reconstruction

Second-stage breast reconstruction includes procedures performed in two stages using tissue expanders and implants.

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Hereditary Breast Reconstruction

Women who carry a gene that predisposes them to breast cancer may decide on mastectomy as a prophylactic (or preventative) measure. Hereditary breast reconstruction can restore the shape and size of the breasts following tissue removal.

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Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction refers to surgical procedures that use tissue from the area where the new nipple will be located to recreate the appearance of the nipple and areola. While this new nipple will not have the same function as the nipple did before mastectomy, it will attempt to match the size, shape, color, and texture of the original, which can have a profound effect on patient wellbeing.

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Implant Reconstruction

Sometimes our patients aren’t eligible for flap reconstruction. Phoenix breast implant reconstruction solves the volume issue by reconstructing the breast and adding an implant (silicone or saline) during the same procedure.

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Explant Surgery

Procedures that remove, exchange, or correct past breast surgeries are known as corrective breast revision. Explant surgeries remove implants and restore the breast using other methods decided on by the patient and doctor.

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Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler

meet the experts Breast Reconstruction Specialists in Arizona

Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler

At Southwest Breast and Aesthetics, we hope you feel welcome and encouraged that you can feel whole again after your breast reconstruction.

The surgeons at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics have extensive experience and training to perform a variety of the latest flap reconstruction procedures and work closely with your breast cancer surgeon to optimize your outcome. Our restorative methods offer lasting solutions to women who have undergone breast cancer surgery, preventative mastectomy, and surgery for congenital deformities. Utilizing a team approach, our Phoenix reconstructive breast surgeons can also restore patients’ breasts naturally, with their own tissue.

Dr. Tim Matatov, Dr. Joseph Zakhary and Dr. Matthew Mino provide the most advanced reconstructive breast surgery in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Chandler, and throughout Arizona. While the majority of our procedures for reconstructive breast surgery and corrective reconstruction are performed at a hospital or ambulatory surgery center you will have your consultation and follow-up appointments at our office. Our medical staff is dedicated to providing excellent patient-centric care, and we encourage you to call or email us for any of your questions and concerns.

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discover Your Recovery Oasis

Concierge Medicine in Phoenix at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics

In the dry heat of the Phoenix sun, an oasis of recovery and healing beckons you. Southwest Breast and Aesthetics offers our out-of-town patients a complete concierge medicine experience, with a particular emphasis on world-class recovery and post-op care.

Our concierge team ensures you have a recovery suite that is located just moments away from where you will have your procedure. Following your treatment, we will be there for you, should you have any issues with your recovery. When it’s time to return home, you’ll be returning with a refreshed, revitalized outlook and appearance.

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Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler

live Your Best Look

Our Personalized Aesthetic Procedures

There is a reason why we chose Southwest Breast and Aesthetics as the name of our practice. Our comprehensive selection of breast, body, and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures gives our surgeons the ability to smooth, shape, and sculpt your body. Whether it is restoring your skin and shape or preserving your natural beauty, our aesthetic plans allow you to wake up each morning ready to take on the world and show your beautiful self.

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Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler

Body Contouring

Body Contouring

You work out, eat right, and do your best to treat your body right. At Southwest Breast and Aesthetics in Phoenix body contouring can help you maximize the results of the work you’re already doing to keep your body looking and feeling great. Whether it’s a little liposuction, some excess skin removal, a full body lift, or a tummy tuck, our doctors take the time to ensure your results reflect the hard work you do every day to put your best self out there.

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Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler



You may “abdominoplasty” by its more popular name: tummy tuck. Phoenix patients interested in a tummy tuck will find skilled hands and innovative procedures at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics. Our board-certified plastic surgeons can use the skin from a patient’s tummy tuck as the tissue for their DIEP Flap breast reconstruction, sculpting the body in two areas through a single procedure.

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Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

At Southwest Breast and Aesthetics, our Phoenix breast surgeons represent the leading edge of medicine when it comes to breast augmentation. Because so many of our breast reconstruction patients wind up choosing augmentation on their paths to restoration, our surgeons must be adept in all forms of breast augmentation to ensure they have the right solution for each patient. That versatility gives you the freedom to choose the type of breast augmentation Phoenix patients desire to achieve their aesthetic goals.

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Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler

Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal is a sensitive procedure, both emotionally and physically. As experts in breast revision and restoration surgery, the plastic surgeons at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics are uniquely qualified to provide you with compassionate care through your breast implant removal. They also have the versatility to be able to give you a beautiful form following removal without using implants.

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Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler

Breast Lift

Breast Lift

While breast augmentation can improve the look of the breasts in many ways, it cannot provide the same type of improvement to position as a breast lift. This procedure takes the breasts and repositions them higher on the body, eliminating the causes of sagging and ptosis (the condition where the nipples point downwards instead of out). Our expert breast lift surgeons tailor each breast lift to the patient’s needs to minimize scarring and avoid unnecessary incisions.

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Southwest Breast and Aesthetics Reviews

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Everything about this place was top-notch. Every member of the staff was informative and friendly.

— K.C. / Facebook

Dr. Matatov is AWESOME! I had a DIEP after 3 breast implant exchanges. Not only was the surgery great, but his bedside manner was also so great. He truly listens to me. The office staff is so great as well. Jodie is awesome and has definitely stood by me through a long process. Thank you!!!

— K.S. / Google

AMAZING! Couldn’t have gone to a better plastic surgeon in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area! He pretty much held my hand through the entire process. Made me feel well taken care of. My breast implants look amazing! I took his recommendations. I showed him what I wanted to look like and he made it happen. He’s the best!

— K.R. / Google Reviews

Helped me through breast reconstruction after a serious breast cancer surgery. He is a very gifted surgeon and an extremely kind person. I will always be grateful to him and I recommend him to anyone in need of plastic surgery

— M.L. / HealthGrades

Reconstructive Breast Surgeons Phoenix and Chandler

Your journey to better begins with a consultation at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics. Our plastic surgeons set the standards for plastic surgery through their innovative procedures and meticulous attention to detail. Discover a better experience by booking your consultation at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics today.