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SGAP Breast Reconstruction in Phoenix, AZ

Understanding SGAP Breast Reconstruction

SGAP Breast Reconstruction

For patients who have had a previous abdominoplasty, have limited tissue in the lower abdomen or thighs, or just prefer not to use those areas, a flap from the upper buttock can be performed at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics for breast reconstruction.

What is SGAP Breast Reconstruction?

Phoenix SGAP Breast Reconstruction

Known as the SGAP or Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator flap, this procedure takes excess tissue and usually a single blood vessel from the upper buttock to reconstruct the breast. The volume of tissue from this area tends to be sufficient for unilateral or bilateral breast reconstruction, even in thin individuals.

With a scar that is well hidden by underwear, this alternative to the DIEP or PAP flaps tends to offer excellent breast projection and shape with no muscle or sensory nerve sacrifice during the harvest. Because the upper buttock tissue is used, padding over the critical sitting area of the buttock is preserved.

SGAP Breast Reconstruction Phoenix and Chandler

Pros of SGAP

SGAP breast reconstruction brings all the advantages of tissue-based reconstruction, such as lifelong results with a natural look and feel that would not be achievable with a synthetic implant. It avoids implant complications and maintenance. It is easy to augment and shape the flap with fat grafting, and the donor site can tighten the buttock and improve its shape. The scar is hidden by underwear and swimwear. Like the PAP flap, the surgery often only uses one blood vessel to supply the flap, so it is not necessary to cut any muscle or nerves to harvest the flap.

Cons of SGAP

The SGAP flap does have its drawbacks as well. Depending on the blood vessel chosen from the upper buttock, vessel grafting may be required to add length. This vessel grafting is often taken from the lower abdomen, which occasionally requires a small incision on the anterior abdomen below the underwear line.

SGAP Breast Reconstruction Consultation

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