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Breast Implant Removal In Phoenix, Scottsdale and Chandler


Breast augmentation is the most popular of all plastic surgeries.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of American women receive this cosmetic treatment in order to increase the size and volume of their breasts. While the majority of patients are happy with the results of this procedure, some women ultimately decide to have their implants removed due to changing personal preferences, new aesthetic choices, or complications.

Our doctors at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics in Phoenix have helped many women remove their breast implants. Highly experienced in a wide range of breast procedures, our surgeons individualize the procedure to meet each patient’s goals and achieve the best possible outcome. One breast procedure that is becoming increasingly popular with women who want to have their implants removed is explant surgery.


Our board-certified plastic surgeons in Phoenix, AZ perform breast implant removal – also referred to as explant surgery – to remove the implant in one operation.

Phoenix Breast Implant Removal model


Explant surgery has gained a lot of popularity lately, especially among women who are looking to permanently get rid of their implants. Most patients tend to think that this is always ‘the best’ way to have breast implants safely removed, but this is not always the case. Our Arizona plastic surgeons at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics do not recommend this procedure for everyone, usually due to the following drawbacks.

  • Requires a longer incision – this implant removal technique results in a longer incision as well as resulting scar. Unless there’s a serious medical need or compelling reason to do so, our Phoenix and Chandler breast surgeons will not perform an en bloc capsulectomy.
  • Procedure is more complex – while breast surgeries are statistically very safe – and our surgeons work with the best anesthesiologists in Arizona – this kind of prolonged procedure is more complex and can make the early days of recovery tougher for the patient.
  • In some cases, the capsule or breast tissues are too thin/delicate for the procedure to be performed safely.


Anytime a foreign body such as a pacemaker, knee implant, or breast implant is implanted, the body will naturally respond by forming a capsule. This scar tissue that surrounds the implanted object. Our Phoenix breast surgeons perform capsule removal or capsulectomy only if it is medically necessary, can be safely done, or at the patients request. Medical literature showed that capulectomy does not improve breast implant illness outcomes.

En bloc breast implant removal is the most favorable option in cases where the implant has ruptured or when ALCL (Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma) or some other severe complication is suspected.

Some women who have had an augmentation or breast reconstruction report a variety of symptoms that they strongly feel are connected to their breast implants. These include fatigue, body odor, rashes, chronic pain, anxiety, irregular heart rate, hair loss, neurologic abnormalities, digestive issues, endocrine dysfunction, and even brain fog. Although there are no scientific tests to prove that these symptoms are actually caused by breast implants, they are what is often referred to as implant illness. Medical literature showed that majority of women with breast implant illness will have some resolution of their symptoms at one year with or without capsulectomy.

Many women elect to have a breast lift at the same time as the breast implant removal surgery. Since the breast skin and tissues have expanded to accommodate the implants, a lift can help reshape the breasts, get rid of excess skin, and result in a perkier breast mound.

On July 24th, 2019, breast implant maker Allergan Inc. announced a global recall of their Biocell textured implants. This recall was due to a recent FDA (Food and Drug Administration) associating this model of the implant with a disproportionately large number of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) cases. En bloc capsulectomy is the best procedure choice for women who are looking to have their textured Biocell implants removed in order to mitigate the cancer risk. Our surgeons are currently offering en bloc textured breast implant removal capsulectomy to women from Phoenix and surrounding Arizona areas.

Removal of textured implants with or without capsulectomy does reduce the risk of Breast Implant Associated- Anaplastic Large cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) in patients without symptoms. Risk reduction for BIA-ALCL is possible and reasonable in high risk patients or those who request it. The final decision for explantation with or without capsulectomy should be shared between the patient and surgeons at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics.

Our surgeons are currently offering oncologic en bloc (obtaining cancer free borders) capsulectomy, textured breast implant removal to women with BIA-ALCL from Phoenix and surrounding Arizona areas. Our surgeons will also work together with other cancer doctors, to make sure all of the treatment goals have been met.


Our skilled breast implant removal surgeons at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics have worked with many of breast implant removal patients. They are not only board certified but have immense experience performing delicate breast procedures. If you’re considering getting your implants removed, you can be sure to receive the best care and excellent aesthetic result with our team. Schedule an initial consultation to learn more about this procedure, receive an individualized evaluation, and explore treatment options.

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