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Nipple Reconstruction in Phoenix, AZ

Nipple Reconstruction Overview

At Southwest Breast & Aesthetics in Phoenix, AZ, we provide surgical services for patients who require nipple reconstruction.

Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons can complete your reconstructive process with innovative surgical techniques to create a new nipple on your breast(s). During a private consultation, no matter what stage of the process you are in, our surgeons can discuss what approach is best for your circumstance. If you require nipple enhancement and areola complex with 3D and 2D cosmetic tattooing techniques, we can refer you to a tattoo specialist 8 – 12 weeks after your reconstruction. Call today and schedule your consultation.


Nipple Sparring

A nipple-sparring mastectomy is only suggested for patients having prophylactic mastectomies, or if the breast cancer is far enough away from the nipple. This decision is made by your general surgeon, cancer surgeon, or breast surgeon. If the nipple can be saved, it can be repositioned on the breast(s) for symmetry by your plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the same time. All effort is made during the reconstructive phase to create a nipple that not only looks natural, but feels natural as well. Many patients will lose some sensation in the nipple, but some does return after a few months of healing.

Phoenix Nipple Reconstruction model

Reconstructing a New Nipple

A surgical nipple reconstruction is generally a second stage surgery performed after the breast reconstruction when the nipple and areola complex could not be saved during the mastectomy. Also, if the patient has severe ptosis or sagging breasts, the nipple may not survive or the reconstruction may be difficult so it’s completely removed. With autologous tissue reconstruction, some patients may still be candidates for nipple-sparing surgery even if they have grade 2 or 3 ptosis. Your reconstructive surgeon can use your own tissue to recreate the nipple by elevating and reshaping the skin on the breasts. Tissue may also be taken from a donor site on your body to make the nipple. This surgical procedure is performed as an out-patient procedure with anesthesia. The nipples will appear swollen, red, and will have sutures following the surgery.


Nipple and areola pigmentation tattooing are implemented after the nipple reconstruction (the nipple and areola are removed at the time of mastectomy). Many women have the nipple reconstruction as a second stage surgery, and tattooing is complete typically 8 – 12 weeks later. Cosmetic tattooing is generally performed as an out-patient service, however, we will offer you anesthesia to make it as painless as possible during the procedure. You will be instructed on how to care for your tattooing at home. Keep in mind that this tattooing will fade as your skin ages, and you may be required for follow-up pigmentation sessions to refresh the color in your nipple.


No matter if you have a surgical nipple reconstruction or a cosmetic tattooing, both procedures will require incision care and/or tattoo skincare for proper healing.

Surgical Wounds

At home, you should follow all of the detailed instructions the surgeon and his medical team provided you with after your surgery. Incision care is very important to protect your breast(s) from infection and scarring.

Tattooed Nipple/Areola Complex

After your tattoo, we ask that you use your prescribed ointment on the area, and freshly dress it with sterile gauze several times a day. Be sure to follow all of the aftercare instruction you were given by your surgeon and his medical team.

Breast Reconstruction at Southwest Breast Aesthetics

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At Southwest Breast & Aesthetics in Phoenix nipple reconstruction may be the last step in your surgical intervention, and we want you to look and feel beautiful with your reconstructed breasts. Our reconstructive surgeons are here to listen to your concerns and aesthetic goals, as well as answer your questions. If you would like a consultation for a nipple reconstruction Phoenix patients can contact our office, and schedule your first appointment today.

Your journey to better begins with a consultation at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics. Our plastic surgeons set the standards for plastic surgery through their innovative procedures and meticulous attention to detail. Discover a better experience by booking your consultation at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics today.