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Oncoplastic Lumpectomy Reconstruction In Phoenix, AZ


Oncoplastic lumpectomy reconstruction at Southwest Breast & Aesthetics in Phoenix, AZ is performed by one of our plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

An oncoplastic lumpectomy is achieved by rearranging the existing breast tissue to minimize contour abnormalities. Translocation of the nipple areolar complex is also performed to ensure that the complex is centered at the most projecting part of the breast. Our surgeons will work closely with the breast surgeon or general surgeon performing your lumpectomy, if necessary. Please call to schedule a consultation today.

Our Surgical Requirements

An oncoplastic lumpectomy reconstructive surgery is implemented at the same time as a lumpectomy.

Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons do not perform lumpectomies, however, will work closely with your breast surgeon or general surgeon during the tumor removal to reconstruct the defection in the breast. Once the tumor has been successfully removed, the reconstruction of the breast tissue can begin. If there is enough tissue to rearrange within the breast, it can be recontoured to have a natural breast shape. The nipple areola complex will also be moved into centered position. Some patients may be required to have a cosmetic surgery performed on the other breast, such as a lift, reduction, or nipple repositioning surgery for symmetry. Once the surgery is completed, you will be taken to the recovery room to be monitored very closely.

Chandler Breast Cancer Reconstruction model in blue

Follow-up & Consideration

As stated before, you will need to make a follow-up appointment 1 week after your operation. You may be required to have several follow-up appointments to ensure the success of your incision care and breast health. You may also be required to wear a compression bra or garment during your recovery for best results.

Preserve Breast Aesthetics

when you have a lump or an abnormal tissue removed from your breast or breasts, it can disrupt the natural curvature of your bust line. Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons can work with your general surgeon during or after your lumpectomy to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing result. If you would like to learn more, please call and schedule a consultation at Southwest Breast & Aesthetics today.

Beautiful Phoenix Breast Cancer Reconstruction model

In Recovery

Before you are discharged from the hospital or surgical center, our nursing staff will inform you how to properly care for your incision(s).

You will be asked to come back to our office for a 1-week follow-up appointment so that we can check on the progress of your healing. If at any time you have a complication in regards to your surgery, please call our office to be seen by your surgeon. Fever, excessive bleeding, infection, and excruciating pain are symptoms you need to report to your surgeon immediately. We estimate your recovery time to be 1 – 2 weeks.

Your journey to better begins with a consultation at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics. Our plastic surgeons set the standards for plastic surgery through their innovative procedures and meticulous attention to detail. Discover a better experience by booking your consultation at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics today.