HonorHealth John C. Lincoln- Privileges

HonorHealth John C. Lincoln | Medical Center Facility | Breast Aesthetic and Restorative Breast Center | PHOENIX, AZ 85020


HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ has a Magnet Recognized nursing staff providing excellent general medical and surgical services. John C. Lincoln is also a teaching hospital, and trains general surgery residents. With a stellar reputation in providing women’s health at their satellite office for breast diagnostic and bone density testing at their Breast Health and Research Center, this medical center annually provides about 60,000+ mammograms. Drs. Rotabi and Matatov are proud to have medical privileges here, as this medical center is well-versed in cancer care and breast health for your medical treatment.


HH John C. Lincoln has an excellent surgical unit, as well as a Breast Health and Research Center, which provides +60,000 mammograms annually.



HonorHealth John C. Lincoln
250 E. Dunlap Ave.
Phoenix, AZ, 85020

HonorHealth John C. Lincoln