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Dermal Fillers
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Injectable dermal fillers can diminish facial lines and wrinkles, restoring fullness and smoothness to your face. Dermal filler procedures can often also improve the appearance of scars.

Dermal filler injections are among the specialized procedures offered to patients at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics in Phoenix, AZ. Board-certified Drs. Tim Matatov and Joseph Zakhary are among the most accomplished, respected, and experienced plastic surgeons in Arizona and the Southwest. We warmly invite you to schedule a consultation at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics in Phoenix, AZ to determine if dermal filler injections are right for you.


Dermal fillers are also known as injectable implants, soft tissue fillers, or wrinkle fillers. Dermal filler injection procedures can create a smoother and fuller facial appearance.

Implants approved by the FDA and administered by trained medical professionals are regarded as safe and effective. But beware of the large and growing black market of unapproved and potentially dangerous injectable products. Never consider injecting yourself or letting an acquaintance inject you.

Dermal filler injections require the knowledge, training, and precision that only medical professionals such as the board-certified plastic surgeons at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics in Phoenix, AZ can provide. Age leads to a natural decrease in skin thickness, subcutaneous fat and muscle as well as bone. Heredity, lifestyle, and excessive sun exposure can all accelerate this dermal deterioration. Most injectable dermal fillers are temporary procedures that will require ongoing treatment to maintain results.

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Southwest Breast and Aesthetics is proud to offer our patients this advanced collection of dermal fillers. The RHA Collection effectively reduces and prevents the appearance of dynamic wrinkles without inhibiting facial expression or producing results that look stiff or puffy.

These hyaluronic acid-based solutions are carefully formulated to mimic the hyaluronic acid which naturally exists within the body. The result is a natural-looking reduction in the signs of aging. These state-of-the-art dermal fillers are exclusive only to board-certified practitioners known for providing patients with exceptional care and results. Southwest Breast and Aesthetics is your premier Phoenix RHA Collection dermal filler provider.


Temporary fillers are approved to address moderate to severe facial wrinkles and skin folds, such as the lines extending from the sides of your nose to the edges of your mouth as well as the small wrinkles around your mouth and lips. Approved uses extend to increasing the volume of your lips, cheeks, chin, and the backs of your hands. Dermal fillers can also be used to correct acne scars and restore signs of facial fat loss.


Dermal fillers should never be used to enhance breast or buttock size, nor should they ever be implanted into bones, tendons, ligaments, or muscles. The FDA has not approved injectable silicone for any aesthetic procedure involving facial or body contouring. Silicone injections have been linked to long-term pain, infections, and serious injuries and disfigurements. Silicone injected into a blood vessel can lead to a fatal stroke or embolism.

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Minimally invasive and temporary rejuvenation treatments like dermal fillers cannot achieve the extensive results of surgical procedures such as a facelift, a brow lift, or an eye lift. Discuss your options with your doctor.


The list of risks is extensive and underscores the necessity of using only FDA-approved fillers under the guidance and administration of trained medical professionals. The most serious danger is unintentional injection into a blood vessel that may result in blindness or death. Patients should be pre-tested for allergies to filler materials. Other common risks include infection, tissue death, bruising, swelling, tenderness, and rashes. Some people experience temporary side effects from dermal filler treatment such as swelling at the injection sites. Any swelling or bruising generally occurs shortly after injection and typically resolves within a few weeks.


The board-certified plastic surgeons at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics in Phoenix, AZ have selected three dermal filler products and treatment programs for use in their practice.

These top-of-the-line fillers are Juvederm, Restylane and RHA Collection. The doctors’ choices are based on extensive clinical research on product safety and effectiveness, as well as patient satisfaction. Juvederm, Restylane and RHA Collection all use hyaluronic acid to plump up your skin and smooth wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar compound produced naturally by the human body. It is critically important in moisturizing your skin.

But its natural production decreases as you age, and your skin can be further deflated by sun damage and other factors. Boosting the amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin is highly effective in restoring youthful facial smoothness and elasticity. Your doctor will recommend the particular filler used in your procedure based on your expressed goals and preferences.


Your doctor needs to know if you have any bleeding disorder or a history of severe allergic reaction to any substance.

Approved dermal fillers can be composed of a variety of substances, some naturally occurring and others synthetic. Lidocaine is frequently used as a numbing agent prior to dermal filler injection, so allergic sensitivity to lidocaine must be evaluated. If you are considering dermal filler injection into your hands, alert your doctor if you have any joint, tendon, or blood vessel disorder. Dermal filler injections should always be delayed until any inflamed or infected skin has resolved.

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Every approved dermal filler has a different use and expected duration of effect. The safe use of these products in combination with Botox treatments has not been firmly established. Also, the safety of dermal filler material is unknown during pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you at some point desire to have fillers removed or reduced, any injection or surgery used in that procedure carry their own risks.


Costs will vary according to the number and sites of injections. Since dermal filler injections generally seek cosmetic results, your insurance will not pay for them. But if there’s any question, your doctor’s office can assist you in filing any pre-authorization insurance coverage request. Selecting the right medical care professional is the key to achieving the safe and attractive results you want. The board-certified surgeons at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics in Phoenix, Arizona are eager and able to help you achieve your best you! The doctors and staff at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics invite you to schedule a consultation to determine if dermal filler injections are right for you.

Your journey to better begins with a consultation at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics. Our plastic surgeons set the standards for plastic surgery through their innovative procedures and meticulous attention to detail. Discover a better experience by booking your consultation at Southwest Breast and Aesthetics today.